Custom ERP Application Development For Real Estate Management

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | September 5, 2022

Developing custom ERP software for real estate is an effective way to overcome the challenges prevalent in the industry and gain better control over construction projects. While real estate may not have typical business components like manufacturing or supply chain, it still requires ERP software for steady business growth.

Besides, custom ERP application development for real estate management provides a closer view of capital expenditures throughout the project across multiple locations.  


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Custom ERP Development For Real Estate Management


Problems and Challenges Prevalent In The Real Estate Sector

Mentioned below are a number of undesirable knock-on effects that are commonly encountered in the real estate sector. 

  • The budgeting process with spreadsheets is time-consuming and more prone to errors. 
  • It is difficult to create detailed and precise reports required to make important decisions.
  • Companies often face a lack of effective means for inventory management. There is also a lack of visibility into the core business operations.
  • It becomes challenging, at times, to track equipment usage.
  • Hiring, mentoring, and managing quality staff could be a back-breaking task in the absence of HRM software.
  • There needs to be a CRM module in place to manage sales quotes, customer feedback, agent commissions, and more.
  • It is critical to establish a robust means of communication between tenants and sales staff.

Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic brought numerous hardships for real estate investors. ​​With property rates nearing an all-time low, several real estate companies are also facing liquidity challenges inflicted by the global health crisis. In the following section, we shall explore the key benefits of custom ERP application development for real estate management.


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Overcoming Real Estate Challenges Using ERP

Enterprise resource planning has become crucial to overcome the aforementioned challenges and sustain volatile market conditions. Custom ERP application development for real estate management guarantees long-term benefits to agents and property managers even after the pandemic. 

Below are the most useful ERP modules that are conducive to strengthening and streamlining operations in the real estate sector. 


Property Management

It provides information related to project requirements, budgets, suppliers, and more. The module is also responsible for providing project cost estimation and calculating payments related to rental chargers, services, maintenance, products, and supplies. 


Sales Management

The sales module in real estate management encircles the functionality for sales and executes it for effective revenue growth.


Lease and Maintenance

It organizes lease functions of a real estate project after its completion and keeps track of all financial and transactional details.


Purchase and Inventory

The module is directly integrated with inventory data and deals with the purchasing and financing of construction materials.


Contractor Management

The contractor module maintains healthy business relationships with various contractors as it helps them communicate and share information with ease. 


CRM and Contact Management

This module aids in managing all customer accounts in one place and is conducive to addressing customer queries with real-time access to relevant data.


Document Management

It keeps track of valuable documents including lease agreements, insurance papers, and official notices and provides easy access whenever required. 


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Why Choose Us For Custom ERP Development For Real Estate Management?

We are a service-based company that builds custom enterprise solutions from the ground up to address the industry-specific needs of our customers. At Oodles, we provide end-to-end Odoo ERP development services to solve complex business problems and overcome challenges in the real estate industry. 

As per the project requirements, we can build a custom ERP solution to streamline operations in the real estate sector. Our seasoned developers specialize in using open-source ERP platforms like Odoo, ERPNext, OFBiz, and Opentaps. Here, we compile different software modules to achieve the required features and deliver value to our customers. We have a proven track record in developing, customizing, and implementing the aforementioned modules to build enterprise-grade software solutions for varying business needs. 

With custom ERP application development for real estate management, we provide a centralized software interface to efficiently manage the interconnected modules. Based on the requirements of our customers, we can add or remove any of the software modules while also rendering additional support for maintenance and quality assurance. 

In addition to the software modules mentioned in this document, we can develop and integrate additional modules to provide the following features:

  • Transaction Management
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • AI-based Document Scanning
  • Human Resource Management
  • Agent Task and Activity Tracking
  • Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Staff Training Management
  • Security Groups and Role Management


Our Toolkit

We use the following open-source tools and software suites to build custom ERP applications for the industry-specific needs of our customers.

  • Odoo
  • Apache OFBiz
  • ERPNext
  • Opentaps
  • Dolibarr
  • jBPM
  • OptaPlanner

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