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Posted By : Vipasha Singh | May 4, 2020

As data-centric marketing becomes the de rigueur for driving sales, businesses employ CRM software to manage interaction with current and potential customers. Business relationships are now based on data analysis and smart tools that ensure customer loyalty. The goal of using a CRM software is to automate operations, observe customer behavior, and furnish clients with services designed to meet individual demands. Regardless of the size or scale of the company, a custom CRM software aids in developing a client-centric business strategy. Besides, it is backed by an accurate database of client profiles and behaviors. Oodles furnishes enterprises with Custom CRM development services for sales and reporting automation, data collection and storage, analytics and sales intelligence, and campaign management tools.


Custom CRM Software
A custom CRM software aids in developing a client-centric business strategy backed by an accurate database of client profiles and behaviors.

Customized CRM over Ready-to-use CRM solutions


Every industry, every business, every operation has its unique requirements and a ready-to-use solution is too generic to meet all of them. A CRM application development with scope for customization is, therefore, more efficient, cost-effective, and unwasteful of storage and maintenance. A software made for mass consumption doesn’t have all the modules potentially required by an organization. One size does not fit all. At the same time, a ready-made CRM has too many built-in functions that an enterprise may not need but pays for nonetheless. Even the user interface design is a choice among a set of templates. On the other hand, if CRM software is customized, it is tailored to business needs and provides deeper customer insights.


Get the Best out of Customization in CRM


  > Set commercial goals


The first step for CRM software development Services is to outline the goals and market strategy of the enterprise. Define the best way in which company revenue grows with a minimum investment in CRM software implementation. Decide the specific operations that the CRM software needs to process, e.g. managing customer data, optimizing sales, leads management, internal communication, and reporting.


  >Define type, role, and platform for CRM


Defining the type, role, and platform for the CRM software brings us closer to developing a blueprint for the same.


TYPE: Based on its functionality, a CRM can be-

1. Operational: automates customer interaction and marketing

2. Analytical: organizes data from touchpoints to strategize communication strategy

3. Collaborative: uses data from different sectors (technical, sales, marketing) for strategizing sales and customer retention.


ROLE: Establishing the role for each user enables role-based access and formatting rights. Accounts can assume roles of admin/owner, seller, manager, each with limited or advanced access as per the template designed for them.


PLATFORM: Enterprises choose platforms as per the equipment their workstations use. Predominantly, companies use laptops and desktops running on Windows, macOS or Linux. However, presently, mobile platforms are more sought after owing to their versatility, easy adoption, and high efficiency.


 >Choose required functions


A CRM software performs certain operations part of enhancing customer relations and amplifying returns. It is important to determine these functions, some of which are as follows:

1. Contact management

2. Managing user accounts and client profiles

3. Scheduling sales tasks and marketing campaigns

4. Automating sales

5. Lead generation and management

6. Monitoring pipeline

7. Statistics and analytics

8. Business performance analysis


>Make cost estimates


The expenses involved in the development of customized CRM software are influenced by the overall design of your CRM software. Often they account for the development time for various functions, implementing roles, supporting different platforms, analytical tools, technologies used, and integration with other software.


 >Appoint a CRM development Service Provider


Remotely using technology saves enterprises the money and hassle to set up a team of IT professionals to manage the CRM software development. Instead, there’s Oodles which is solely dedicated to providing custom CRM development services to organizations using the latest technologies. Lead by expert developers specialized in designing CRM and other ERP software, we develop and integrate your CRM software into your ERP.


Benefits of a Custom CRM Software


Custom CRM software development aids organizations to draw customers, manage interactions, observe behaviors, and retain and expand customer base. Here’s a list of benefits of a customized CRM software:

1. The CRM system is tailored to specific business needs and you pay for the functionality and features you want.

2. It automates workflow by automating tasks like marketing, sales, customer service, invoicing, and analytics.

3. It provides you a centrally controlled database with access rights and levels defined by enterprise policies and norms.

4. It furnishes enterprises with deep customer insights, in different filtered views, supported by intelligent analytics tools.

5. It allows enterprises to build scalable systems that contain elements that can be easily altered and integrated with other systems.


Custom CRM Development Services from Oodles


We are an ERP development company with a goal of transforming enterprises with our futuristic development solutions. Our developers hold expertise in custom-designing ERP solutions to best suit enterprise needs. Aligned with your business goals, we provide CRM software solutions with all-round access to organized and insightful customer data. We provide end to end integration services like Salesforce, Magento, Hubspot, and Zoho. Our developers use an AI enabling technological stack to provide quality development services. Connect with us to build custom CRM software for your business.


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