Deep Insights Into Cloud-Based ERP Applications

Posted By : Devesh Singhal | August 7, 2018

Cloud-based ERP applications

Be it industries, companies, enterprises, or startups, the demand for Cloud-based ERP applications is continuously increasing all over the world. They are becoming popular due to their cost-effectiveness and easy handling. When you have adopted cloud ERP solutions, there is less dependency on the technical team. Business leaders are moving their attention to ERP Cloud applications.

Could ERP software be hosted in the data center of a third-party company? A company has to pay for the software as a service. When it comes to software cost, Cloud ERP applications cut down on the hardware and software purchase cost. Ultimately, by adopting cloud ERP solutions, companies can focus entirely on the operations, sales, and productivity.

Before choosing cloud-based ERP solutions, it’s important for buyers to consider these aspects related to Cloud ERPs.


Does it offer the features and functionality you need now and for future also?

Cloud ERP solutions are faster to implement. Besides this, they offer a richer set of functionalities. Additionally, given the real-time, always-on nature of the cloud, cloud-based ERP solutions can evolve more quickly than on-premise systems to provide the latest capabilities. Business leaders can expect this evolution moving forward to include industry specialization and improved means to glean business intelligence from data.


Is it in your budget?

Adopting a cloud ERP solution would definitely be a good choice. When we compare it with on-premise ERPs, there are so many extra and additional costs connected to its maintenance apart from its, development and licensing. However, out of two, investment in cloud ERP solution in terms of a longer time period will have a lower total cost of ownership.


ERP data and other information security

Security is the topmost concern for companies that are looking for adopting cloud-based ERP applications. It is a responsibility of the company to take care of the security of your company’s information as well as your customers’ information. Cybersecurity methods are continually improving, and cloud solutions providers progressively have the edge over inside IT groups with regards to recognizing and avoiding digital assaults.


Cloud ERP solution availability

When you are looking to develop Cloud-based ERP applications, you need to put trust on a cloud ERP vendor for its availability. Only consider Service Level Agreements that gives 100% assurance on performance. The 99.5% system availability per month is the lowest uptime percentage you should accept, and make sure the financial penalties for under-performance are a sufficient incentive for the vendor to deliver.


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