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Posted By : Vipasha Singh | May 15, 2020

AI-powered Workforce Management

In this age of digitization, most industries have become technology-driven. Technology integrations have become ubiquitous, whether it is data handling or process management or customer relationship management. As businesses expand, overseeing the workforce in its entirety is a back-breaking task. On-premise deployment and management of the workforce are no longer adequate to organize a sizable, task-specific workforce. At the same time, it’s important to align the workforce with enterprise goals for businesses to run efficiently and remain strong. AI algorithms have the ability to analyze huge datasets, recognize patterns, and forecast trends. Employing AI-based solutions like strategic workforce planning and workforce management equips enterprises with forecasting, analysis, and data modeling tools for human capital management. Let’s delve further into how AI-powered workforce management solution enables an enterprise to stay a step ahead of its competitors.


Role of AI in Workforce management

An understanding of the skills and behavior of human resources accompanied by an insight into their potential is central to workforce management. However, as enterprises expand and the workforce grows in number, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of all employee needs. The machine learning and big data capabilities of AI-powered workforce management solution make it possible to store, maintain, update, observe, and manage employee data in a systematic manner. It’s analytics, reporting, and forecasting features enable managers to make insightful decisions that drive productivity. Be it shift planning, task scheduling, time tracking, budgeting, data interactions screening, identifying leads, or spotting errors, malfunctions, and unauthorized actions, AI-powered WFMS not just aids but automates most of these processes. It enables managers to focus on their core operations with intelligent tools at their disposal.


Features of AI-powered workforce management


Deep learning

According to Forbes, “deep learning is a subset of machine learning where artificial neural networks learn from large amounts of data. It allows machines to solve complex problems on a huge dataset that may be “diverse, unstructured, and inter-connected.” Deep learning algorithms aid WFMSs to develop workflow models adaptive to transition in conditions. Such models serve as the foundation for the successful management of human resources while driving enterprise growth.


Forecasting and analytics

AI-based workforce management solutions include analytical tools with forecasting capabilities. At Oodles, we use ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana (ELK) stack to find, analyze, and view data in real-time. Be it spotting issues with servers or applications or searching for logs, we accurately perform all these tasks. ELK stack enables managers to view patterns in workforce operations and aids them in formulating the most profitable execution strategy.



It can become difficult over time for large organizations to ensure the work hours of each employee are aligned with revenue targets and work schedules. AI-based workforce scheduling software enables enterprises to access a real-time overview of business processes to meet business needs. As these systems often employ cloud platforms, analysis of employee data occurs across locations and departments through secure channels.


Priority and Routing Simulation

Machine learning systems come with the ability to simulate real-world scenarios as prioritization and routing rules for staffing. As analytics abilities equip them with patterns and forecasts, it becomes easier for workforce management systems to create work itinerary in real-time.


Payroll Processing

Workforce management systems integrated with AI-powered payroll management streamline financial transactions pertaining to wages. New payroll management can be based on historical payroll data or an audited version of it. While there is not much scope of error in these automated transactions, it ensures employees can review paycheck details. This makes AI-based payroll systems both enterprise and employee-friendly.


Cloud platform integration

Today, with the ability to securely store data on the cloud, most organizations put their data on cloud platforms using various distribution architectures. At Oodles, we secure authorization and authentication processes for the safe storage and movement of data across the organization. We use a role-based security system that exclusively grants access rights to the employees of the company as per their hierarchical position. We also use Google authenticator’s two-step verification system to validate users of workforce management solutions. Thus, AI-based systems make workforce management efficient and cost-saving in the long run.


Social media and web-based screening

As we have already gathered, the analytical capacity of AI algorithms gives enterprises a multitude of benefits. One of them is the screening of publicly available content for positive and negative impact. It not only aids digital marketing practices but also hiring and recruitment processes. Using a blend of natural language processing, face/image recognition, and machine learning, prospective employees can be screened through their public social media activity. This enables organizations to hire and maintain a valuable, goal-aligned workforce.

We live in a time where technological innovations are everyday phenomena. The ever-changing dynamics of the global marketplace and technological advances, thus make AI-powered workforce planning indispensable to businesses.


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