Top Advantages Of Having CRM Integration With Quickbooks

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | December 10, 2018

CRM Integration With QuickBooks

CRM Integration with QuickBooks: An Overview

Connecting CRM tool with your existing QuickBooks can save a business time, boost the productivity of the overall business. Imagine getting the accounts and financial data of customers such as payment status, current balances and purchase history, from directly within a Custom CRM development services system. that you need without juggling with two different systems.  CRM integration with QuickBooks allows both sales team and accounting team to view information about their customers as the integration is bi-directional as well as at the transaction level.


Let’s move further to know about top perks of choosing CRM integration with QuickBooks:

1. Secure Synced data

Your team working on CRM can benefit a lot of this integration as they can access customer information and accounting team can do the same as data is not only synced bidirectionally but also is super secure. Having this integration, you can respond quickly to customer matters. You can serve your customers well.


2. Eliminate Duplication for Increased Data Integrity

Using CRM and QuickBooks ERP Integration services accounting software separately, impose risks of data duplication. Same records have to be entered in both systems many a time and this data becomes prone to errors.

It allows users to promote and link customer profiles on both platforms, making sure the information always remains in sync and is always accurate. Therefore, it also saves time and efforts being spent on these repetitive tasks.


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3. A complete overview of accounts

You will get the complete view of your customers and their accounts when CRM and QuickBooks development services are integrated. No need to take worry for juggling between software systems and browsers. Get accounts information directly into your CRM. After all, CRM software development is intended to streamline your business processes and makes them productive and efficient.



4. Syncing Prices and Inventory data

QuickBooks accounting software is used for one of the purposes of preparing lists for inventory prices. The list you make helps you understand the cost of each item, how much revenue will generate out of it etc. Likewise, you make use of software to maintain inventory information so that you can decide about when to reorder, and how much it will cost.

However, if CRM has all this information, life would be easier. This integration makes it possible as it gives you information on prices on the CRM platform. Also, you get access to real-time inventory information in your Custom CRM software development. This helps your sales team to use the most accurate and useful inventory and pricing data that further drives better results.


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