Acumatica Cloud ERP Software: Key Benefits That Make It An Ideal ERP

Acumatica Cloud ERP Software

Acumatica Cloud ERP Software: An Overview

Cloud computing has evolved much in modern days, and thus it is crucial to choose the cloud technology that is advanced and manageable. ERP systems have become an everyday need of growing organizations. More and more companies are preferring automation in their operations. This has also led to intense competition in the market for providing the best ERP infrastructure. While both cloud ERP solution and on-premise ERP offers almost similar functionalities but cloud ERPs are scalable, low-cost, flexible and secure. Out of all the cloud ERP platforms available in the market, Acumatica cloud ERP software is acknowledged as a true Cloud ERP Platform.


Acumatica cloud ERP  software has no license fee and unlimited users accessibility. It lets you add as many users to the system, unlike other ERP software that charges.


In this blog, I am going to describe the important things about using Acumatica Cloud ERP software that makes it apart from other clouds ERPs:


An integrated ERP solution

Acumatica ERP is an integrated business solution that can manage finance, CRM, accounting, order entry, inventory, purchasing, case management, e-commerce, and credit card processing, etc. in one system. Teams can make use of the same user interface as the core to manage many core business areas. In addition,  Acumatica is a cloud ERP so you can use it on the mobile device anywhere at any time.


Fast updates

Acumatica cloud ERP software provides instant updates to you. And whenever Acumatica cloud ERP upgrades, all application or systems integrated with Acumatica systems will automatically be upgraded. With disconnected systems, reports may not balance because they are being pulled from different sources that may or may not be up to date. Plus, it makes hard to have a single version of the truth. With Acumatica cloud ERP software, you have up to date information all the time.


Acumatica Commerce Edition

Acumatica optimizes stock -outs and back orders. This platform can be integrated with almost most of the e-commerce platforms. It manages returns and exchanges smoothly. With Acumatica commerce edition, you are able to do quick order processing and fulfillment. Last, it creates an omnichannel experience when integrated with eCommerce.


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Freedom of choice

Unlike some cloud offerings, Acumatica gives you the choice of running the solution in a SaaS environment, your public or private domain or on-premises. For clients who might need to be in one environment for now but may want to move to a different environment later, a choice is huge. The solution can be delivered as you need it as opposed to you being dictated to by the solution.


Great Customer satisfaction

Acumatica cloud ERP gives a great customer satisfaction and reduces business cost. You can remove delays as you have automated sales order processing and shipping order generation.


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