We, at Oodles help you achieve best production results in your business with custom Purchasing Management Solutions & a smooth process execution.

Know why you need Purchasing Module to run your business smoothly

Optimize inventory and supply chain overheads and keep your operational efficiencies as high as possible with the state-of-the-art Purchasing and Manufacturing modules developed by Oodles ERP.

Efficient Management

Centrally manage your warehouse facilities, alleviate the procurement activities and efficiently handle day-to-day material management.

Improved Accuracy of Predictions

Get highly accurate predictions with an automated Purchase Management System powered by the cutting-edge technologies like Business Intelligence & Analytics.

Insightful Reports

Get the most appropriate budgets and pricing plans for the procurement of required inventory through deeply insightful reports.

Improves Cash Flow & Profits

It’s never been easier to calculate the needed supplies and control the precise amount of required inventory, ultimately leading to a better cash flow and greater profits.

Reduced Lead Time

Get neatly strategized procurements strictly in-line with the daily schedules which in turn reduces the lead times.

Here’s How Oodles ERP Helps You With Purchase Management

We bring end-to-end Purchasing solutions to alleviate the procurement related activities of your organization.

Modular Integration
Directly integrate your Purchasing module with inventory, order processing, account payables and other general ledgers.
Custom Development
With our custom Application Development Services, we create customer-centric Purchasing applications based on your business requirements.
Customizable Reports
Get custom reports based based on the requirements of your organization and its departments.
Better Demand forecasting
We add advanced planning capabilities to your business-centric applications which further aids in having better production planning processes.
Third party Integration
The Purchasing modules and applications developed by us are highly scalable and can be integrated with any third-party application.

What Makes Oodles an Undisputed Choice for Purchase Management Solution?

With a streamlined execution of all your critical business processes, we provide an effective management and better visibility for the existing stock levels.

We have a sound expertise in creating top-notch ERP applications for purchasing and manufacturing.
Save big on your development costs, get high-octane Purchasing Management Systems at the best market rates.
Customer-centric solutions
We build high-octane websites tailored to match the needs of our clients and their end-customers.
In-time delivery
Get all your integrations done within the stipulated time frame with minimal complexities.
24/7 Support
With our 24/7 expert support services, we make sure you get best-in-class and timely customer support.
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