125 For Time

Client Brief

125ForTime is an event management application that aims to maximize fundraising capabilities for charity in a relatively small amount of time. It uses innovative events like 125 burpee reps by participants in a given time frame.


Scope of Work

125ForTime availed our ERP development services to enhance the events’ experience for event organizers as well as event participants. They required the event management software to provide a simple event creation and participation interface, search for an event near you, online registration on both mobile and web applications.

We encountered the following challenges in the application development -

  • Upgrading the application’s framework.
  • Managing event organizers and participants.
  • Event onboarding delays.
  • Slow page loading.

Our Solution

Our team of 16 ERP developers analyzed the client’s existing SaaS application with a focus on its architecture to fulfill the project requirements. The team used a technology stack consisting of node.js, MongoDB, and AngularJs to overcome our client’s challenges with the following deliverables -

  • Upgraded framework.
  • Optimized query-ability.
  • Automated scheduling.
  • Optimized page loading speed.

Tech Stack

Node JS
Angular JS
Mongo DB