Client Brief

The INGO Group's technology supplier, Xenialab, specializes in creating cutting-edge technologies that improve client connections and alter business care paradigms. Xenialab is a contact center management company that specializes in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data research and development. Their flagship product, XCALLY Omnichannel Software, is one of their sophisticated offerings. Their state-of-the-art technologies and unwavering dedication to progress allow them to provide industry-leading solutions that enable businesses to provide outstanding client experiences. Xenialab is a multinational company committed to changing the way companies interact with their clients.

Scope of Work

Our task for the Xenialab project was to use Timefold/OptaPlanner to implement shift planning. The main objective was to create a productive and streamlined solution that automates the contact center worker shift assignment procedure. Here, Xenialab's proficiency in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data, along with Timefold/OptaPlanner's cutting-edge algorithms, will be utilized to develop a solution that optimizes resource allocation, reduces conflict, and increases worker productivity. As a result, businesses will be able to increase contact center management efficiency, improve customer service, and streamline operations through effective shift planning.

Our Solution

By using our solution, Xenialab will have access to an automated shift planning system that will increase worker productivity, reduce conflict, and best use contact center resources. As part of our project solution for Xenialab, we offered the following technologies and services:

  • Project setup, Git, and project authorization and authentication, which includes version control and access control.
  • Setting up OptaPlanner and optimizing shift planning with its sophisticated algorithms.
  • An examination of prior staff rostering implementations pinpoints opportunities for enhancement and maps extra limitations unique to contact center administration.
  • Planning scenario debugging to make sure the shift planning system operates accurately and effectively.
  • Better comprehension and decision-making are made possible by the availability of the Score API, which offers thorough explanations of the optimization score produced by OptaPlanner.

Tech Stack