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Client Brief

MyHelpa is a software company that provides customizable SaaS solutions to private B2B home care agencies in the United Kingdom. The company offers a digital platform that is designed to eradicate manual processes associated with staff rostering and vehicle routing in the domiciliary sector.

Scope of Work

The MyHelpa team sought our ERP development services to build an AI-based workforce management system that facilitates seamless employee scheduling, staff rostering, and routing services. In short, they wanted to develop a solution to overcome the following challenges faced by homecare agencies:

  • Inefficient means of communication between care professionals
  • Lack of effective HR management within care agencies
  • Lack of effective scheduling and rostering mechanism
  • Excessive amount of manual work for care admins
  • Absence of an effective tracking system for care process management
  • Lack of transparent and fair payroll system for homecare workers
  • Absence of a routing solution that could help expedite homecare services

Our Solution

The Oodles ERP team developed a full-fledged B2B SaaS solution using an AI constraint solver that is fully customizable as per varying needs of homecare agencies. The solution comprises of a web platform for care providers as well as a mobile application for carers and clients that addresses the aforementioned challenges. This solution enabled our client to target a small segment of regulated and non-regulated care agencies in London and the UK.

Tech Stack

React JS
React Native
Amazon S3