Moov Logistics

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Client Brief

Our client was a leading logistics service provider having their warehouses across multiple locations in Europe and China. They offered logistics and transportation services to customers including large-scale retailers, manufacturers, and eCommerce businesses via air, sea, and rail freights. We developed a middleware solution to interconnect their disparate software systems for effective transportation management.

Scope of Work

The client sought our services to develop a standalone middleware solution to interconnect their heterogeneous software systems i.e VMT, TMFF, and WinWeb. The SoW required us to develop the architecture for an interconnected and horizontally scalable solution that would facilitate uninterrupted data exchange between the given systems. The project requirements were as follows:

  • Middleware solution to interconnect VMT, TMFF, and WinWeb systems.
  • A robust microservice architecture for data handling.
  • Extensible APIs for easy pluggability.

Our Solution

We began with a careful assessment of the client’s existing business model and formulated an execution strategy to achieve the tasks at hand. Our team carried out the development in a phased manner, starting with graphic design and then moving ahead with the frontend and backend interfaces.

We successfully achieved our client’s requirements with the following deliverables:

  • Built the middleware solution using Apache Camel.
  • Developed a Microservice architecture using Spring Boot.
  • Established a robust database management architecture.
  • Configured the application for user authentication.
  • Deployed the application on the cloud using Docker.

Tech Stack

Spring boot
Apache Camel