Effective UX Practices To Achieve eCommerce Success

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | June 28, 2021

eCommerce websites and mobile apps must be designed to instantly connect with the visitors by providing them access to the relevant content. Besides, it is critical to optimize your eCommerce app in adherence to the prominent UX principles. Following effective UX practices is conducive to grab the mindshare of your audience and turn them into customers. At the same time, it aids in delivering personalized user experiences across devices that is imperative to build long-term customer relationships. Above all, it maximizes user engagement and interactivity that ultimately translates into increased online sales. 

At Oodles ERP, we give prime emphasis to UI/UX design and development while building custom enterprise modules and applications. Our ERP development services are inclusive of full-scale UI/UX design, prototyping, and usability testing to deliver engaging user experiences. We have a dedicated team of graphic designers that specializes in creating interactive user interfaces for web and mobile apps. We keep close tabs on the latest UX trends and follow a minimalist approach to improve website usability and accessibility. 

best UX practices for eCommerce

In this blog post, we shall talk about the best UX practices for eCommerce that are critical to achieving business success. 


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Best UX Practices For eCommerce

User experience (UX) design has become an integral part of the eCommerce application development process because of obvious reasons. Adhering to prominent UX guidelines while designing an eCommerce app significantly improves usability and thus plays a critical role in increasing online sales. Let’s move ahead and explore the best UX practices for eCommerce application development


Responsive UI Elements

While developing an eCommerce app or website, businesses must pay special attention to all aspects of the UI. That said, it is critical to ensure that all UI elements are perfectly functional and highly responsive. Responsiveness is the key aspect of user experience (UX) design that is conducive to increasing customer engagement levels. As a result, it significantly increases online sales as well as the returning visitor count to your online store. 


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Smooth Navigation Flow

Providing smooth navigation flow is a crucial part of the UX strategy that significantly impacts the overall user experience of an eCommerce website. A website having complex navigation features is less likely to grasp users’ interest and thus, results in higher bounce rates and lower session duration. It is, therefore, essential for eCommerce business owners to optimize their website and mobile app to offer smooth navigation flow. 


The Mobile-first Approach

It should come as no surprise that a majority of online purchases today happen on mobile devices. According to Statistica, global online sales through mobile devices are projected to reach  $3.56 trillion by 2021. That said, following a mobile-first approach is imperative to successfully run an online store while instigating steady revenue growth. In addition to developing an eCommerce mobile app, it is crucial to optimize your website for mobile devices. For once, you could do without a mobile app, but having a mobile-friendly eCommerce website is a requisite need for all businesses. 


Up-to-date Website Information

Developing a business website is only the first step that ensures you have an online presence for your brand. However, making a website successful requires sheer diligence and months of hard work. It begins with website optimization for search engines, on-site/off-site SEO, link building, and social sharing. Nevertheless, updating your website with relevant content and information is something that goes hand-in-hand with all these processes. It is crucial to update your website regularly with the latest in-stock items, high-quality product images, and information about the exciting deals and offers. At the same time, you must immediately remove products that are currently out-of-stock and those that are no longer in demand. 


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Closing Remarks

These were some of the most effective UX practices that significantly impact the conversion rate of an eCommerce app. Above all factors, it is critical to design your website in a way that your customers can easily find the products they are looking for. Besides, you must provide one-click checkout features while offering all popular payment methods for increased user convenience. At the same time, it is crucial to keep close tabs on the latest UI/UX trends and keep updating your website from time to time. Under some circumstances, several retail businesses may prefer revamping their eCommerce website to improve its performance and usability. 


We, at Oodles ERP, provide complete enterprise software solutions with a focus on enhancing user experience and usability by incorporating the best UX practices. Our end-to-end ERP software development services include eCommerce app development for web and mobile platforms. We have an experienced team of UI/UX designers that adheres to the best UX practices for eCommerce application development. We have successfully completed several full-scale eCommerce projects for startups and SMBs using open-source technologies like Shopify, PrestaShop, and Magento. To learn more about our eCommerce app development and UI/UX design and development services, contact us at [email protected].

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