Key Reasons Why Salesforce Integration With Shopify Is Worth

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | December 10, 2018

Salesforce Integration With Salesforce: An Overview

Salesforce is the most popular cloud computing service provider for CRM services. It offers you all types of useful data that you need to manage sales and collects all customer interactions at one system. It is no surprise that Salesforce CRM is commonly used by salespeople to make faster and deeper informed decisions. On the other hand, Shopify is well-known for providing an e-commerce platform that works both online and offline. You can have an e-commerce website with prepacked themes. Both CRM and Shopify E-commerce solution, when connected together, can greatly improve the working of e-commerce business and helps to achieve a higher growth rate. Salesforce Integration With Shopify is a great help to handle immense data generated at an E-commerce platform in an easier way.


Salesforce Integration With Shopify
Key Reasons Why Salesforce Integration With Shopify Is Worth

However, for doing this integration, you need to find an expert ERP company that provide world-class ERP integration services while meeting your specific requirements.


What is Salesforce Integration With Shopify?

Shopify is the best e-commerce platform that provides ways to outstanding customer satisfaction and gets profits. Shopify integration with Salesforce CRM gets one step further to give you an integrated solution that helps to operate your business efficiently. On the Shopify website, shoppers are able to select their shipping and payment method trouble-free. The Integration of Salesforce CRM and Shopify provides benefits by directly transferring the sales and customer data from Shopify. For example, an order created on Shopify will also be created on Salesforce CRM. This saves precious hours of the company.


This combined platform reduces errors that come from manual recording to another system. No errors mean an increased amount of accuracy in data. Also, their integration offers you faster access to real-time data about customers, payments, sales, orders. and optimized operations.


Following are the key Benefits of Salesforce Integration With Shopify:


1. This transfers E-Commerce data directly at Salesforce for better CRM utilization.

2. By this integration, you can manage inventory and products more effectively with better utilization.

3. It enables you to make effective utilization of multiple Shopify stores in a single Salesforce CRM system.

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4. You receive one integrated platform that helps you manage both e-Commerce and CRM information from one system.

5. It offers you an efficient way to do management of collections from Shopify platform to Salesforce CRM solution.

7. Get real-time synchronized information for orders, and customers, sales products, from Shopify to Salesforce platform.

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