Why Odoo Open ERP Implementation Is Necessary For Companies

Posted By : Devesh Singhal | August 31, 2018

Odoo ERP is an open source ERP application that any company would not want to miss. It’s a license-free software that not only works like a traditional ERP but also can handle various business modules. For instance, manufacturing inventory management, CRM, sales, reporting, accounting, etc. One of the best advantages of using Odoo ERP is its intuitive interface. Odoo ERP source code is also available for free on the internet. So, companies can easily customize Odoo open ERP as per your business needs. In fact, Odoo is widely adopted nowadays to manage different scales organizations. Its popularity is mainly due to its features like flexibility, affordability custom-ready, scalable.

Here I have described the advantages a company can have by choosing Odoo Open ERP  :

1. E-commerce integration

Odoo Open ERP allows a company to have an advanced level of E-commerce integration with it. Integrating eCommerce with Odoo ERP saves a bunch of time and simply put all your needs into a single platform. This also helps your company for doing web-based order tracking or processing.


Odoo open erp
Odoo features like flexibility, affordability, scalability makes the best ERP system in the market. Read on this blog to know about the various benefits of Odoo open ERP for your organization.

2. Efficiency

Manual data entry work and processes are prone to human errors. And, it also becomes more time-consuming when the work grows. Odoo ERP software automates these tasks and thus reduces errors. With Odoo ERP, say good-bye to errors resulting from manual data entry.


3. Reporting

Its popularity is mainly due to its features like flexibility, affordability custom-ready, scalable. As ERP is a unified and single reporting system, it can efficiently analyze and track the status. Odoo ERP software offers easier report generation. Its enhanced reporting functionalities can help a company easily respond to complex data requests. Users can also run their own reports without any help from the IT department.


4. Vendor Independent

Odoo is open-source software and so, it’s downloading is free. There is no lock-in because the whole version is available for free. Since Odoo ERP is not controlled by a single group of developers and community, you have the freedom to customize and enhance Odoo as per your needs. The source code of Odoo Open ERP can be customized and is also updated by a large community of developers.


5. Module wise software

Odoo comes with different modules incorporated in it. For this reason, the integration between the modules is easy. Therefore, you can implement primary modules and gradually move on to add more modules depends on your work expansion.


6. Additional modules :

Odoo ERP is a suite that has 1000+ modules. And each module aimed to help boost the productivity of a business. Each and every module is designed to solve specific tasks.


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