Latest Technology and ERP Application Development for Optimum Business Performance

Posted By : Aditi | February 20, 2019

Latest Technology and ERP Application Development: An Overview

Technological advancements have given businesses the opportunity to achieve greater control over their ongoing internal operations. ERP is now the heart of businesses that have become irreplaceable over the past few years. As per research conducted in 2017, approximately 81% of the companies are either implementing ERP or have completed implementation. Whether it’s about data security or automation of business processes, ERP technologies have helped businesses a lot to increase the overall productivity. Read this blog to know about ERP application development and the technologies that are the right fit for your business.

Custom ERP software development (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications are integrated software package that helps businesses to automate their back office functions related to services, human resources, and technology.

ERP Application Development
ERP Application Development

ERP application development offers the facility of integrating several processes into a single application toolkit, including manufacturing, development, planning, marketing, testing, quality checking, and other operations.

Need for ERP Application Development

  • Improved performance
  • Increased data security
  • Cost-effective and time-saving
  • Scalability and upgradable
  • Minimized operating cost and up to date report
  • Easy to manage and efficient in data keeping


Latest Technology Integration with ERP Solutions for Better Business Performance

Businesses to be at the competitive edge need to adopt the new technologies. Modern enterprise resource planning systems need to be flexible to adapt themselves with new essentials. Some of the new ERP essentials are as follows:


IoT Feature:

In the IoT ecosystem, the work of devices gets automated via the internet connection to make a decision and perform actions without manual operation. Further, IoT enabled ERP can improve decision making and communication, and enable better interaction between devices.


AI Integration:

Artificial intelligence technology with ERP system development not only helps in optimizing workflow but also monitors employee performance and digital assistance of an organization. Also, it boosts predictive analytics and encourages big data processing.


Cloud-based Platform:

A cloud-based ERP software system is an affordable option for small to mid-sized businesses. You can enable your employees to access the system from any device, along with saving extra IT staff and hardware cost.


Big Data Processing:

Big Data analytics makes sure all the business data is consolidated into a single database which makes it easily accessible for the users.


Technologies for ERP Application Development


Backend Programming Technologies


Java is a programming language that fabricates software for multiple platforms. It is one of the best ERP technologies that are planned for the web and desktops at the same time. It is a popular option for systems that require desktop and cloud computing. Here are some of the benefits of Java in ERP :

  • Ensures data security
  • Offers flexibility
  • High UI for desktop and mobile experiences
  • Efficient and dynamic



.Net is a free open source developer platform used to build different types of applications. It is considered as one of the favorites in the list of Best ERP Software Solutions technologies. .NET allows easy integration of applications and is applicable for web services because of its capability to transmit and communicate information through standard internet protocols. It includes accounting management, product applications, service applications, value chain management and so on.


Other backend programming technologies are:

  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Python


Frontend Technologies for ERP

There are a variety of options available for web-based versions as well as the desktop interface. All these ERP technologies given below create fast and responsive interfaces.



AngularJS is a javascript based framework for dynamic web apps. It helps programmers to enhance the development process. It enables the formation of dynamic applications, which enables to get things done as per your need. You can also easily retrieve pre-information data whenever a query is fed.



JavaScript is a computer programming language used to enhance web pages. It is a great choice for a cloud-based ERP software development company and one of the strongest pillars of modern web applications. It can even be used with Node.js as a server-side technology.


Other frontend technologies include:

  • Vue.JS
  • React


Final Analysis

Looking for someone experienced in ERP application development? Oodles ERP has vast expertise in creating ERP applications that are best suited for your business type and size. With our ERP application development services, we help businesses to streamline their processes and increase profit margins. We deliver a bug-free and trustworthy application.

Our ERP module includes:

  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Accounting and finance management
  • E-commerce
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Purchase Management


About Author


Aditi Dutt is a technology writer who has an avid interest in ERP technologies. Aditi follows the latest ERP developments and trends to keep readers informed about their impact on business processes. She is also a next-gen technology enthusiast who covers IoT, Blockchain, AI and AR/VR technologies in her articles.

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