Benchmark Computing

Client Brief

Our client wanted to solve vehicle routing problems by utilizing the unique features and capabilities of Timefold/OptaPlanner, a Java-based optimization tool. They sought our assistance in order to leverage Timefold/OptaPlanner's special features to streamline their vehicle routing and scheduling processes as they realized how important it was to their business. We developed a VRP solution in accordance with their specifications and requirements to boost operational efficiency, cut expenses, and streamline the overall transportation and logistics management.

Scope of Work

For this Java-based routing project, our primary goal was to harness the power of Timefold/OptaPlanner to address our client's vehicle routing challenges. Recognizing the critical importance of efficient route planning in their operations, our objective was to implement Timefold/OptaPlanner to optimize their vehicle routing and scheduling processes. By leveraging this Java-based optimization tool, we aimed to significantly enhance their operational efficiency, reduce costs associated with transportation, and ultimately improve the overall management of logistics and vehicle routing.

Our Solution

The following services and technologies were included in our solution for this Timefold/OptaPlanner-based vehicle routing project:

  • We used a Java-based optimization tool called Timefold/OptaPlanner to provide a personalized solution for workforce job rostering and vehicle routing.
  • The optimization services were implemented using Java version 8 and Timefold/OptaPlanner version
  • Utilized the Spring Boot framework to develop the backend architecture.
  • Used the IntelliJ 2020.3 IDE to develop the solution.
  • We deployed a dedicated backend developer having ample experience with Java and Spring Boot to ensure effective implementation and modification of the Timefold/OptaPlanner-based system.

Tech Stack