The applications of VR and AR in modern world

Posted By : Jatin Singh | 29-Jun-2020


Virtual reality (VR) :

  •  It is an artificial environment that is created with software and conferred to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and acquires it as a real environment.
  •  It is primarily experienced through two of the five senses: sight and sound on a computer system. it can be divide into the following:
  1.  A copy of a real environment for training and education.
  2.  The development of an imagined environment for a game or interactive story.
  3.  3-D Image is the most fundamental form of virtual reality which can be scrutinized interactively at a computer, by operating keys or the mouse so that the content of the image moves in the same direction or through zooming in and out.  
  4.  The main use of virtual reality modeling language is that permits the creator to set out images and the rules for their display and interaction using textual language statements.

Application of virtual reality:-

  • Education:  If we use VR, study can be more interactive in the classroom, and helpful in understanding concepts.
  • Training:  The usage of VR during a training perspective is to permit professionals to conduct training in a virtual environment where they can enhance their skills without the consequences of failing the real-time operation. it also plays an important role in combat training for the military.
  • Urban design: It is used for urban development and planning and transport projects.
  • Therapy: The main use of VR in a remedial role is its application to various forms of exposure therapy, including phobia treatment in patients.

Augmented Reality(AR) :

  • The technology that combines virtual reality with the real world is known as augmented reality. The current world of augmented reality deals with live video imagery which is digitally enhanced with computer-generated graphics.
  • In short, we can say that augmented reality lets you interpret the world with a distinctive and automated vision. Since the technology works intelligently with provided insight, thus it functions for enhancing one's current perception of reality.
  • Processors, display, sensors, and input devices(keyboard, mouse, and scanners) are the hardware component used for augmented reality.

Applications of Augmented reality:- E-Commerce, Navigation sightseeing, Military, Medical, maintenance and repair, gaming entertainment and advertising and promotion, etc.
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