Aspects That Should Be Covered During a QAs Handover

Posted By : Prerna Mangla | 31-Jan-2022



Whenever you are moving ahead from an existing role, it is your responsibility to give KT to your replacement in the project. As a project member, there is a rapport that you have built from the time spent thus far in the project and hence it is very important to give KT is such a manner that it covers all the aspects of your role in the project( the last part is more of a moral responsibility, I would say!). Hence the below-points focus on such major aspects which should be kept in mind while going through the transition phase.

  • Project Requirements - As a QA in the project, you have developed an understanding of the basic and crucial requirements of the project based on the multiple conversations you've had with all the stakeholders in the project. Hence, this is a primary part of the KT process which helps the new person to start fitting into your role.


  • Project Processes - Every organization follows its own processes and strategies and that is what the projects abide by. But, based on the client interactions that have taken place, if there is any additional process or norm that you have been following, it is important that you communicate the same to your replacement so that the project progress continues smoothly.


  • JIRA walk-through - This task is more of a responsibility for the new person than you. Even in the transition phase, it is important that you and your replacement reach the same page before your departure from the project. As developers mostly depend on the QAs for understanding the requirements, the QAs should be aware of every task that is to be undertaken for the project or if there is any deviation in the task.


  • Current Project Status - It is very important to go through all the open tasks at least to understand the current stage the project is in and then prioritise the tasks accordingly. Apart from the tasks, all the open bugs and dependencies should be given equal importance and discussed thoroughly to understand the complete health of the project.


  • It won't be the same! - This is an understanding that needs to be accepted by all the team members, that when someone is replacing an existing member, it would naturally take some time for everyone to get accustomed to the change and hence a little extra effort would be required no matter how detailed that KT had been. 


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