Maximizing Warehouse Efficiency with Odoo Inventory Management

Posted By : Aditi | February 14, 2020

Odoo is an open-source ERP platform that provides businesses with a highly flexible, robust, and freely downloadable software for managing inventory processes like tracking inventory levels, initiating timely deliveries and facilitating sales and orders. Odoo inventory management software is critical for streamlining warehouse processes. It enables businesses to manage their products and asset inventory efficiently. Let’s explore how the Odoo inventory management module is maximizing warehouse efficiency.

We provide Odoo customization services to fulfill the diverse requirements of various business domains. Our skilled team provides Odoo development and implementation services for various business modules including inventory, warehouse, accounting, human resource, and customer relationship management. At Oodles, we optimize and manage all the critical components of inventory operations like cycle stock, pre-build inventory, pipeline, and safety stock to drive efficiency across the value chain. 

Features of Odoo Inventory Management

* Seamlessly track incoming and outgoing inventory within small-medium enterprises

* Drafts delivery orders in easy steps and efficiently manages incoming shipment details and cycle counts (inventory counts)

Odoo Inventory Management
Odoo Inventory Management

* Create custom barcodes to implement certain features like promotion

* Controls the processing time by automating the inventory transactions to improve transparency in business operations

* Maintain purchase order propositions based on inventory forecast and supplier leads

* Efficiently organize warehouse with a smart double entry inventory system 

* Efficiently manages inventory by eliminating the possibilities of overstock of the items

* Easily track the expiration date of products

Using Asset Management Software

Managing and locating important assets can be a challenging task for businesses. Time spent on searching critical equipment can lead to expensive delays, missed deadlines and wasted labor. Initially, businesses addressed this challenge by managing assets using serial numbers and tracking equipment with barcode labels. But, both these methods required a significant amount of manual effort. 

Presently, businesses can easily improve asset management by utilizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. An RFID enabled tracking system gives businesses accurate and real-time tracking data for fixed and mobile assets. 

Warehouse Stock Management Software

Odoo warehouse management software will enable businesses to stay away from overload and blackouts of their products. At Oodles, we provide warehouse inventory management solutions to fit the specific requirements of businesses of any size. The warehouse Odoo inventory management system combines wireless barcode scanners and QuickBooks integration to efficiently manage warehouse and inventory processes. Apart from route directed picking, our Odoo inventory management system provides the same functionalities as a WMS like packing, picking and shipping of items. In addition, workforce management software will enable business managers to stay updated.

Double Entry Warehouse Management System

A double-entry warehouse management system decreases process times, maintains stock levels, automates transactions and increases traceability. It facilitates full traceability from customers to suppliers. Cycle counting is a key feature of a double-entry warehouse management system. It enables business associates to count the number of items within the warehouse. 

Avail the Benefits of Odoo Inventory Management System with Oodles

Odoo inventory management system enables businesses to track, analyze and manage inventory levels. With an efficient Odoo inventory management system, businesses can prevent stock-outs and improve supply efficiency. 

We provide ERP inventory management services  to manage inventory by sending real-time ‘low-level’ inventory alerts, current usage analysis reports and movement history reports. Our inventory optimization solutions enable business associates to manage overhead and control costs by tracking real-time inventory stock levels and accurately forecasting future demands.

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