Important Steps To Make E-commerce QuickBooks Integration Successful

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | December 17, 2018

E-commerce QuickBooks Integration

E-commerce QuickBooks Integration: An Overview

E-commerce QuickBooks Integration has become paramount in companies, looking to expand their growth potential and compete in the eCommerce market. For streamlined processes, improved efficiency, and generating high-level revenue, QuickBooks and E-commerce integration can’t be overlooked.


Before taking a move towards E-commerce QuickBooks Integration, it is also necessary that you take the right steps to get it done successfully.

Let’s take a look at these crucial steps:

1. Before going for E-commerce QuickBooks erp  integration services, the first and foremost step should be choosing the right eCommerce platform. Therefore, the selection should be done carefully as it is the most crucial step in embarking the journey of QuickBooks and E-commerce integration. The e-commerce platform should meet up with the all expected demands such as easy-to-use interface, packed with all useful features for customer benefits and flexibility to customize. In short, it should have all the possible things that a customer wants from a shopping website. Magento and Shopify are the great e-commerce software packages to choose from.


2. Look for the requirements for both customer and its selling point. Here are some of the crucial features and functionalities to look on when selecting an eCommerce platform.


a.) Customer point

1. Payments flexibility (multiple payment options)
2. Both online and store availability of the product
3. Gift cards and coupons
4. Fast delivery and order tracking
5. Easy to navigate platform
6. Mobile friendly
7. Customer loyalty service


b.) Selling point

1. Equipped with SEO and meta tags for turning visitors into buyers.
2.Easy navigation and intuitive interface
3. Data backup system and data security from the bank.
4. Flexible design for giving a great customer experience
5. Technical expertise and 24*7 support
6. Scalability to integrate with other in-apps and 3rd party apps
7. Easy payment methods for customers


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3. Amazon and eBay is a great selling platform to reach your products awareness worldwide. It gives much publicity around the globe. Amazon has the largest online retailing store that witnesses 280 million viewers in one month. Amazon owns a large number of growing inventory that comes from third-party sellers and this also becomes the reason for its worldwide phenomenal sales.


Companies can choose and join the Amazon platform to sell its products and can encounter a drastic increase in their sales. On the other hand, eBay has a slightly smaller inventory, is known for providing a hassle-free selling marketplace quickbooks application development services which small to mid-sized businesses can select to sell their products.


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