ERP Equipped With Big Data : The Ultimate Need For Businesses

Posted By : Devesh Singhal | October 4, 2018

Big data has become a popular area of interest for various industries. ERP is an essential business management tool for every size of the company. However, ERP systems can’t interpret data. Every company needs valuable insights from their existing data for improved decision-making. For attaining success in business, ERP should be equipped with data analytics tools. ERP equipped with Big data makes use of data which helps companies to use it for discovering innovative ideas and running their business better.


ERP Equipped With Big Data
ERP equipped with big data is a potential ERP software that becomes very useful for companies to make use of big data. As big data has hidden insights that are so valuable for improved decision-making and run their business better.

Business Intelligence is a powerful big data tool and goes a long way in delivering accurate analytics reports. Not only it helps to increase the employee productivity but also prevents business loss. Hadoop is another popular tool for analyzing data. ERP equipped with Big data becomes helpful in making smarter business moves. All in all, it leads to satisfied customers, greater profits,  more efficiency. 


The importance of these analytics tools lies in their ability to use assets carefully and enhance the agility of business operations. Moreover, Analytics drawn out through big data tools are considered very important in real-time logistics management and analyzing product quality.


Here are some top reasons that emphasize buying ERP equipped with big data :

1. Access to real-time data

Having an ERP software equipped with data analytics tools provide users with access to real-time data. Employees need to have complete data insight to make important strategic business decisions. This can be made possible with ERP along with big data tools. So, it will save you from spending a lot of time and efforts in handling data and making sense out of it.


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2. Better understanding

Graphs and pie charts can help you understand it a much better way than a raw data can explain. Companies can easily identify trends, customer behaviors and predict product demands. So, an ERP system with big data tools can present pictures for making better business decisions.


3. KPI

Without using big data tools like Business intelligence and Hadoop, you need to invest a lot of time and efforts in monitoring and analyzing KPIs. But when you make use of ERP enabled BI, measuring KPI’s has never been easier at periodic intervals.


Integrating ERP solutions with big data tools is regarded as the best ERP solution available nowadays. BI technologies and ERP together is the best combination to enhance data processing capabilities. In fact, the current generation of ERP software sets includes a whole range of embedded analytics tools. Make your choice based on what you need.




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