Key Factors To Consider Before Choosing ERP Accounting System

Posted By : Devesh Singhal | August 30, 2018

ERP accounting system

Modern business owners have started using technologies to boost their business productivity. Therefore, choosing the right ERP accounting system is an important and big decision to be made. In fact, the selection process of choosing an ERP accounting system needs careful examination and proper knowledge. A number of factors contribute to making a  software selection and its implementation a success.

A company needs to identify an ERP system that works best for its business and meet its needs.


Here, I am sharing some important factors to keep in mind before selecting an ERP accounting system regardless of your business or industry size:

1. Intuitive and user-friendly interface:

If a software is easy to use, then it caters to all users. So, being a user-friendly ERP accounting system is a must. ERP software market is packed with a number of ERP software systems and there is a vast amount of competition between them. That’s why users get a variety of options to select. So, a business team needs to choose a system that is most suitable for them.


2. Implementation :

When you choose any software, always have a clear understanding of its implementation process. Here, you need to research its past practices and their results. Examine each and everything so you would not have a problem with its implementation. Likewise, choose an ERP vendor who has an extensive industry experience. Importantly, they should be able to give you tangible examples of clients whom they have delivered ERP systems. The implementation process is complex and lengthy. So, a company can face problems and go off the path if the vendor doesn’t have the expertise to know what features you need and which you don’t. Keep it simple!


3. Future Potential of Software:

Investment in an ERP software for accounting is one-time and a costly one. Thus, a software that you choose should be flexible enough to adapt changes and support the latest and future technologies. When a company grows or expands, the ERP accounting system should support the changes. It should have the capability of adding more business aspects and bigger size of users. There should be no need for you to upgrade it to accumulate 10 more users. Look for the software that can easily meet your future needs.


4. A right vendor is equal to right guidance:

Before you implement an ERP accounting system, just make sure that you are picking a vendor who has expertise in ERP development. Additionally, the one who is well-versed with the industry and can guide your team on setting up good business practices.


5. Software cost:

The pace at which technology is advancing, it’s not a smart move to spend massive amounts of money on implementing a customized software. Because you can get those functionalities from the systems available in the market also. So, go for customization only when you really need it.


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