ATS vs HRIS: Selecting The Right Software To Achieve Business Success

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | April 26, 2022

In today’s competitive business landscape, enterprises strive to gain complete control over their day-to-day business processes. That said, it is increasingly important to develop and implement a 360-degree enterprise software to sail through routine operational complexities. Managing human resources is one of the most crucial business functions that directly impacts the overall business productivity and profitability. As an enterprise grows and expands, human resource management becomes a more challenging and convoluted process. It is, therefore, advisable to develop and implement a fully-integrated HR software system to get by the operational complexities. 

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) and human resource information systems (HRIS) are the two most popular ERP applications that enterprises use to streamline their diverse HR processes. Both ATS and HRIS applications are increasingly important from the business perspective. Nevertheless, there is a thin line of difference between the two which is the root cause of apparent misconceptions about them. 


In this blog post, we shall learn the basic differences between ATS vs HRIS applications with a focus on their key enterprise use cases.


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ATS vs HRIS Applications

The ATS systems and HRIS systems are software modules that are built to support the HR team at different stages of the employee lifecycle. Both these systems focus on addressing a different set of HRM requirements. While ATS is more centered on recruitment and onboarding, HRIS focuses on employee lifecycle management. That being said, both ATS and HRIS systems are equally important to successfully running an organization with a steady growth curve. In the following section, we shall delve into a detailed study about the former and the latter with a focus on their most crucial features. Let us first fully comprehend the basic concept of both ATS vs HRIS systems. 


Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

The applicant tracking system is a software application that helps enterprises streamline their recruitment pipeline and accelerates the hiring process. It puts them in control of their hiring process and helps filter out the qualified candidates for the given job openings within the organization. The ATS systems filter out job applications based on several crucial parameters such as qualifications, experience, skills, and employment history. Besides, it facilitates seamless employee onboardings and renders complete support for job posting, applicant tracking, document management, and more. 


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Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Human resource information systems spring into action where ATS systems leave off. HRIS enables HR teams to create tamper-proof records of employee data and gain instant access to workforce data in real-time. Having HRIS systems at your disposal is a quintessential need in today’s business environment due to the apparent benefits they deliver to enterprises. For instance, HR executives can use HRIS to view employee profiles, store employee information, manage legal documents, company policies, training modules, and other crucial employee information. 


Conclusion: ATS vs HRIS 

From the above discussion, we observed that the main difference between ATS vs HRIS is their time of use in the HRM cycle. Applicant tracking systems provide an ideal solution to address the HR requirements in the pre-hiring phase. Whereas, HRIS systems focus on streamlining the post-hiring process as they help manage the employees’ data after successful onboardings/offboardings. All things considered, both ATS and HRIS systems are equally important to efficiently run a business regardless of the industry. It is, therefore, essential to take steps to build and deploy dedicated software modules for applicant tracking and human resource information management. 


How We Help You With ATS and HRIS Application Development?

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