Leave Management in Odoo 13

Posted By : Diksha Gautam | 31-Jan-2020

leave management in odoo13

Leave management is critical for any business organization. Often, the companies employ the process to ensure employees don’t feign emergencies or sickness. Unless the leaves are properly managed, running the business is always in contingency. It, therefore, becomes a significant part of workforce management. At Oodles, we undertake odoo application development for ERP software to streamline business processes like HR, WFM, and CRM. Our Custom Odoo ERP development lets you integrate modules and applications as per you business requirements.


Odoo provides a Time off module that helps to manage leaves of employees. It aids HR professionals in executing their employee leave management functions in the most professional manner. 

        Each employee can create a request for leaves that are further approved by the manager or other concerned person. Also, here the manager can create leaves for employees according to his requests.

       Odoo provides both calendar view and Gantt view for leaves.

       Specify the time off type. One can choose dates for those leaves or can choose half-day leave specifying morning or evening sessions. One can even choose the custom hours option if the individual needs time off for a specific timing. 

       Another way to create a leave is by directly clicking calendar dates and entering the details.      Then moving to the approval.


 Allocation Request:

 Sometimes, an employee may need additional leaves than his assigned legal leaves. Suppose an individual has 7 leaves in his credit and is in need of 3 more additional leaves, in that case, the individual needs to give a request for additional leave. This can be achieved by allocation requests.

My Time off --> Time off request --> Create.

      Time off type defines the type of leaves the individual is taking, whether it is a paid, unpaid, legal, etc. This can be created through the external link or Configuration --> Time Off Types.

There one can specify the time-off type let's say ‘Legal Leave’. 

     Another feature that Odoo 13 provides in the Time Off module is to add a Payroll code and take time off for a day, half-day or hours. 

     Validation defines whether who is responsible for approving leaves whether by the time-off officer or by the team leader or by both or doesn’t require validation. If any approval is needed, a responsible person should be mentioned as well as the validity period of the Time off. Allocation mode specifies the allocation of the leaves depending on the request or as fixed by HR etc.

One can view the Employee time off either in the Gantt view or calendar view.This is based on time off type. Here the total type of leaves can be analyzed and can also identify the employee who had taken that specific type of leave.

We are an ERP development company with an appetite for developing ERP solutions using cutting edge technologies. Our developers specialize in Odoo Implementation services work closely with clients to provide services like SAAS, SCM, WFM, CRM. Contact our experts to integrate the Time Off module into your ERP software.

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