Enterprise Web App Development Using Flutter 2.0

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | April 12, 2022

Flutter has gained significant traction over recent years as a cross-platform SDK for mobile app development. Being an open-source SDK, the latter is extensively used by developers to build feature-rich mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Nevertheless, its applications in web development are somewhat limited. As a matter of fact, the general misconception about Flutter is that it is a mobile-exclusive SDK that enables developers to build cross-platform apps for mobile devices. On the contrary, the platform offered support for web app development since its inception in 2017. However, the web support with Flutter came in the form of a beta version with a scope of improvement in the forthcoming releases. 

In Flutter’s early beta stage, developers needed to write a new set of code for different browsers and web platforms. Nevertheless, with Flutter 2.0, the Google community raised the bar with an attempt to deliver a similar coding experience for both web and mobile platforms. Here, we shall delve into the key benefits of Flutter 2.0 with a focus on enterprise web app development. 

Enterprise Web App Development Using Flutter 2.0


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What Is Flutter 2.0?

With Flutter 2.0, Google brought two major changes to the framework. First off, it integrated the options available in Flutter 1.0 and also rendered support for desktop and collapsible devices. It now provides seamless web experiences, enabling developers to build scalable web applications for popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers. Moreover, Flutter 2.0 allows developers to use the codebase similar to Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS while developing custom web solutions. Let us now move ahead and delve deeper into the benefits of Flutter 2.0 for enterprise web application development. 


Benefits of Flutter 2.0 For Web Development

Here we have compiled the key benefits that businesses can avail through enterprise web app development using Flutter 2.0. 


Faster, Stable, and Production Ready

Flutter 2.0 is faster, stable, and more efficient than its predecessor as it enables developers to build cross-platform applications simultaneously with minimal complexities. Enterprise web app development using Flutter 2.0 could be a swift and hassle-free process owing to its intuitive low-code interface. 


Desktop Support

With version 2.0, Flutter extended its support beyond the mobile platform, paving new ways for web app development. Besides, developers can use the single codebase to build applications compatible with any operating system including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Cross-platform Compatibility

Adaptability is the key distinguishing feature of Flutter, making it one of the most sought-after tools for cross-platform app development. Flutter 2.0 keeps the compatibility features of Flutter intact while also extending support for cross-browser web app development.


Better Support For PWAs and SPAs

Through version 2.0, Google has significantly improved Flutter’s support for progressive web apps and single-page web applications. Therefore, Flutter-based web apps are ideal for delivering native app-like experiences across the supported web browsers.


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Closing Remarks

These were some of the main benefits of enterprise web app development using Flutter 2.0. Understandably, the first generation of Flutter was best suited for cross-platform mobile app development and offered very limited support for web applications through its beta version. With Flutter 2.0, things have changed considerably as it now lets you build feature-rich web and mobile apps faster. Therefore, Flutter is now an ideal solution for enterprises that want to build cross-platform web and mobile applications simultaneously with minimal complexities. In doing so, enterprises can save their valuable time and development costs by building cross-platform web and mobile apps using a single codebase. 


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