ERP App Development Challenges and Our Proposed Solutions

Posted By : Rahul Bora | 31-Aug-2020

erp application development



This blog post delineates the key challenges associated with ERP application development and our proposed solutions to overcome them through effective measures. 

To satisfy an organization's needs instead of an individual user makes the development of ERP software development more challenging. Here, we are going to discuss the main challenges associated with ERP software development and how to overcome them internally. 


How is an ERP application different?

 An ERP application can be considered as the soul and heart of an enterprise. Why? In an enterprise there can be several businesses and each business has some specific needs which are fulfilled by some custom applications as such applications are limited to them. All these applications communicate with each other  by transferring data so that Enterprise functioning remains stable and gives more efficiency.


1. Security:

 Any business works upon the data and Erp applications itself are all about data . If data is compromised, business is also compromised which brings a challenge for the developers to develop a secure application.

 To ensure the security of EP applications Security testing, SSL Encryption, Unwritable file system  etc., are some of the measures which can be taken by the developers. 

2. Changing Business Requirements:

 In every development process time and money are the main constraints, if business needs or the requirements keep on changing everyday so it not only impacts the time and cost of the product but also leads to conflicting business requirements.

 In Oodles Technologies, we first draft a Business Requirement Doc by the Business analyst, then figure out the possibilities and issues which are all discussed with the stakeholders and finally a final requirement document is drafted. If every member agrees to every point in the doc only then the development process starts.


3. Integration with other systems:

 To streamline the business process by integrating multiple systems or some specific business application and making communication between them by transfer of correct data is a major challenge in itself.  If the business depends on the systems then integration of the applications becomes more challenging. As testing and coding need to cover the entire application every time some changes are pushed.


So to overcome this a standard data model can become very helpful to successfully integrate such different systems. Hence, requirements of all departments which are using the systems should be known so that it can be mapped to the standard data model.

 We are a 360-degree ERP software development company that provides enterprise-grade solutions to streamline inbound/outbound processes and over complex business challenges. Our ERP application development services enable organizations to enhance their productivity by efficiently managing their mission-critical business processes. Looking for technical assistance? Drop us a line at [email protected].







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