Client Brief

Our client ran a large-scale trading platform and offered comprehensive brokerage services to brokers in the Middle East. We helped them develop a server-side core as well as the backend interface to scale thousands of concurrent users.


Scope of Work

The client sought our technical expertise to develop the server-side core that may handle thousands of concurrent users connected at the same time. We were also required to develop the complete backend infrastructure for a comprehensive trading platform that caters to the diverse needs of brokers. The project requirements were as follows:

  • Developing a Web Trading Platform.
  • Developing The Server-side Core.
  • A Robust Messaging Architecture.
  • Trade Screen Functionality.
  • Mobile App Development.

Our Solution

Our team began with a careful analysis of the client’s existing data model as well as its software architecture. To achieve the required functionalities, we used microservice-based architecture and developed REST APIs for different modules to facilitate seamless communication between different app components.

We successfully achieved our client’s requirements with the following deliverables:

  • Built the server-side core.
  • Established a microservice-based architecture.
  • Provided a robust messaging architecture.
  • Developed the web and mobile application.
  • Rendered database support to handle thousands of messages per second.

Tech Stack

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