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Order Management

Order Management

The order management ERP system handles all the complex operations pertaining to the fulfilment of an order. From order entry to the date of delivery, from status tracking to credit limit checking, an Order Management system automates all these tasks and yields a high-productivity sales ecosystem. It takes the order on the front end and transfers it to an order management application which processes it further and ensures that the order gets fulfilled at the lowest costs.

Importance of Order Management

Order Management is a crucial part of the sales process as it provides requisite support for the sales administration. An order management software when implemented on an e-commerce platform offers immediate benefits in terms of faster order fulfilment, increased data accuracy and improved cash flow. It reduces order errors up to great extent and avoids uneven delays in order fulfilment, thereby improving the customer experience.

A very common example of the order management is the automated delivery of the confirmation message to the customer right after an entry is created.

Why Us?

With our proven expertise in ERP Development, we provide world-class ERP solutions for Order Management and Sales Force Automation. The Order Management softwares built by us work by integrating the data between orders, warehouse and inventory of an organization for the smooth shipping and fulfilment of orders.

Key features of our Order Management Software include:

Automated order entry

Real-time tracking

Availability of real-time transactional data

Automated check for duplicate orders

Detailed analysis of all the order management processes